Promotion Criteria

  1. Promotion to the next class depends on the whole year’s work on regular attendance, on the overall development and the ability of the student to cope with the next step in his education.
  2. Any student failing in more than one subject will not be considered for promotion to the next class.
  3. Minimum pass marks for promotion is 40%. A pass in English is compulsory for promotion.
  4. Only those students with a minimum of 85% of attendance of the working days during each scholastic year will be considered for promotion.
  5. Absentees at an examination will be considered as having failed.
  6. The school will not retain the answer scripts of the students beyond 60 days from the date of examination.
  7. The school will not be responsible for the parents’ failure to collect report cards of their children. Report cards are to be collected by parents, on the Open Day.