Orientation LKG/UKG


A milestone passed, new things begun, dreams as shining as the sun. A goal achieved; a victory won! That's graduation!

On January 31st , 264 Upper Kindergarteners of St Joseph's Academy became proud graduates ready to embark on a new voyage to Grade 1.The chief guest for the occasion was SSP Dehradun Shri Ajai Singh, IPS.

Principal Rev. Bro. Jeyaseelan S., Vice Principal Rev. Bro. Asthinus, Rev. Bro. J.C Carroll, School coordinators were also present along with all the Parents of UKG students.The programme commenced with a prayer by the students of UKG, followed by the lighting of the lamp. Kindergarten Coordinator, Mrs. S. Lepcha welcomed the parents and introduced the Head Boy Maulik Bhatia and Head Girl Arsheen Kaur to host the ceremony.

An array of spectacular performances commemorated the grand day. The tiny tots of LKG swayed to the beats of 'Shine like the Sun' and 'Cowboy Dance' while students of Grade 1 took the tempo a notch faster with their rhythmic movements to 'Uptown Funk'. A serene prayer dance was performed by the students of Class 5.

SSP Shri Ajai Singh presented the degrees to the UKG class of 2024 along with our Principal Rev. Bro. Jeyaseelan, our Vice Principal Rev. Bro. Asthinus, Rev. Bro. Carroll and the coordinators.

It was a proud moment for all the parents of the seven sections of UKG as the young scholars beamed bright on the stage.The 70- member U.K.G. Choir joyfully sang 'I am ready to go’ to symbolize the beginning of a new chapter ahead.

Addressing the gathering Shri Singh congratulated the proud parents and also gave his insight on how education can evolve to incorporate our Indian culture and heritage.

"Today, the education system depends on the teachers and the institution. How the teachers teach, guide and mould the children is fundamental. I have seen the enthusiasm of the teachers here which shows the future is bright", he said. He also stressed on the need for parents to not only focus on grades but to also encourage their children to chase their dreams.

Rev. Bro. Jeyaseelan presented a memento and sash to Shri. Singh as a token of gratitude.

Congratulating the young graduates, Rev. Bro. Jeyaseelan said it was a proud day for the school. He thanked Mr. Singh for gracing the ceremony and gave a special mention to the parents for always extending their support.

The ceremony concluded with the Junior School Choir proudly singing the school song.


Friday, 5th April, 2024

"Walking through the doors on the first day of school is like stepping into a book of endless possibilities, waiting to be written by eager minds".

Walking into a day of infinite beginnings were the new students of LKG as they attended their Orientation programme at St. Joseph's Academy with their proud parents on April 5, 2024.

Principal Rev. Bro. Jeyaseelan S. welcomed the seven new batches of LKG students and their parents on the grand day. Vice Principal Rev. Bro. Astinus K., Rev. Bro. J.C. Carroll, Junior School Coordinator Mrs. Vimi Sondhi, Kindergarten Coordinator Mrs. S. Lepcha and the middle and senior coordinators were also present on the occasion.

To make the special day memorable, the young students were treated to a spectacular lineup of dances taking them across the length and breadth of India. There was a special prayer dance by the students of Class 1 and a jolly cowboy dance by the students of UKG. Class V students mesmerized the audience with their classical dance performance. The programme was hosted by the students of Class 1.

Junior school counsellor, Mrs. Trishma Vasudev, shared her valuable insights with the new parents on how to prepare their young ones to transit to school in a safe and healthy manner.

Principal Rev. Bro. Jeyaseelan S. spoke to the parents on their involvement in school and on facing any challenges that may come their way with a positive attitude. He said, parents often tell him that SJA is the best school, however being the best requires continuous hard work from both parents and teachers.

The programme concluded with the junior school choir singing the School Song and the little ones leaving the campus with a balloon and a gift hamper.