Computer Labs

St. Joseph’s Academy has three computer Labs; one each for the junior, middle and senior school. Each laboratory has more than fifty computers so that every child gets an individual computer. The laboratories are well ventilated and equipped with facilities of printers and white board.

The systems are upgraded from time to time so as to incorporate the latest trends. They are all branded machines, mostly of Dell, Compaq and HP. The software includes the latest operating system, packages and language compilers so as to fulfill the ICSE and ISC board curriculum.

Besides studying their syllabus, children use the systems for preparing presentations and useful software for various school activities.


St Joseph’s Academy, Dehradun established the English Language Lab in 2011 in the Heritage Block. The lab comprises of a master console and facility for 50 students with controlled desktops, headsets and microphones. Students from all sections from class 3rd to 9th avail the facilities.

The aim of establishing the English Language Lab is to ensure that the students communicate effectively, have a strong vocabulary and good diction.

The objective of the English Language Lab [Wordsworth, a programme] is designed for school children; it runs parallel to and complements the school curriculum by enhancing the students’ learning and speaking skills.


The school is equipped with a modular laboratory with modern facilities covering various branches of Biology like Microbiology, Cell studies, Genetics, Environmental Science and so on. Well ventilated and natural light on the spacious work areas accommodating about 50 students at a time. Along the length of the hall there are parallel granite platforms, work stools with regular water supply for experimentation. The lab proudly owns over 100 scientific charts, live specimens and models collected over a span of several decades. These are labeled and well displayed in glass cupboards and soft boards all along the walls surrounding the work stations. Sectional as well as high-definition compound microscopes are regularly used by the middle and senior school children to study microbes, cells, tissues, etc in spotting analyses from the collection of permanent slides. Apart from the latest scientific equipment, there are smart boards for effective teaching. The faculty in charge may demonstrate any sort of practical in the display area. The laboratory stock includes various students’ projects and innovative working and still scientific modular inventions. These are exhibited at the rear end of the laboratory showcasing the scientific aptitude and talent of our students.

The entire setup is meticulously maintained and managed by highly experienced laboratory staff technicians .

Physics Lab

“A candle only spreads light by illuminating others”

Knowledge spreads by sharing thoughts. This very touchstone of a society’s intellectual success is inculcated in SJA’s physics lab. A spacious laboratory boasting of excellent practical equipment for around 70-80 students, the physics lab is a place for learning, practical application and most importantly, team work and exchange of ideas.

Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab of St. Joseph’s Academy is one of the most well furnished, well equipped and biggest labs in Dehradun. Up to 80 experiments can take place in the lab at once. There is an excellent lab faculty which is well experienced and well organized. The apparatus is of excellent quality and the best standard. Students acquire good knowledge and experience while doing the practicals. The lab is under camera surveillance which decreases the chance of using unfair means and misuse. It is well ventilated and provides comfort and ease to the student in action.