Excursions & Picnics

One does not look towards a school and think of only education. It is a place where a person’s entire childhood and adolescence is spent. Hence, recreation activities are also required. One way to do this is by the means of annual picnics and excursions.

Each year, the school organizes a picnic for all its students. Favorite spots include “Fun n’ Food Kingdom”, “Crystal World” and amusement parks of this kind. Such activities add the element of pure fun in the busy schedule and event-packed academic year of the student. Usually stretching for an entire day, they provide one with the much-required relief. To ensure complete safety, each class is escorted by its class teacher, along with the various subject teachers. Transport, usually by the means of buses, is also arranged by the school.

The school also organizes annual excursions, lasting for around a week, which students can join if interested. Popular places include Goa, Bangkok, Bengaluru and other such places. Visits like these include travel, accommodation and visits to all popular spots of the city. To not disrupt the working of the school, excursions are organized during the summer or winter vacations. In these trips also, complete safety is ensured, by the accompaniment of the teachers.