Important Notes to the Parents

  1. The School wished to inform the parents that every school is basically a democratic institution and hence St. Joseph’s Academy observes no protocol or preferential treatment. We wish to get your willing co-operation in this regard.
  2. Parents are requested to bear in mind that the school attaches great importance to the building of sound character in pupils. Therefore, they are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by making their children understand that a well ordered and disciplinary way of life is equally important at home as in school, by seeking that they prepare their lessons and take an active interest in the activities of the school.
  3. Parents are hereby informed that occasional reports from the teachers are made in the school diary. They are requested to sign them as proof that they have read them.
  4. Parents are requested to sign the Report Card and documents relating to the children, when requested. The school will not be responsible for parents’ failure to see the Progress Card of their children.
  5. If a pupil is likely to be ill for a long period of time the Principal must be informed in writing as early as possible. Children suffering from any infectious disease should not be sent to the school till the danger of infection has passed and they are medically certified as fit.
  6. When communicating with the Principal or the Coordinators, parents are requested to mention in their letter the name, class, section and admission number of their ward(s).
  7. Complaints, if any, may be addressed directly to the Principal / Coordinator and not to the teachers.
  8. The school maintains a suggestion box outside the school office.
  9. Parents are welcome to visit the school. However, parents are not allowed to interview teachers or meet their ward(s), or take them outside the school premises during the school hours without the prior permission of the Principal or the Coordinator. In such cases, parents are requested to make prior appointments with the school office either over the phone or through a letter sent through their ward(s). Third Saturday of every month (between 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM), parents are encouraged to come to school and meet the teachers.
  10. The Educational Society of St. Joseph’s Academy, reserves the right to close down or dispose off in whole, or in part, any of the institutions or activities, whether educational or charitable, as the Governing Body may deem fit. No claim can be made on the school for such action.
  11. With regard to any dispute, only Courts and Tribunals having jurisdiction over Dehradun and not any other place, shall have the jurisdiction of filing a suit.
  12. St. Joseph’s Academy, Dehradun is an unaided Christian Minority Institution, which is governed and protected under Article 30 (1) of the Indian Constitution.
  13. Although a parents’ forum is not required by the rules applicable to Anglo-Indian schools, yet for better interaction and fostering academic interest of the students and the interest of the school, a broad based Parents’ Forum comprising of well-intentioned parents nominated by the class teacher of each class is constituted for every academic year. There is no place for any other forum.
  14. St. Joseph’s Academy is managed by the Society of the Brothers of St. Patrick, India, through its Governing Body and all decisions of the Governing Body regarding the management / running of the school are final.