School Song

How fair is the far spreading vale of the Doon
In clear sparkling sunshine or darkling monsoon,
But the spot we love best of the beauty spots there
Is St. Joseph’s the pride of the valley so fair?

She calls us to loyalty, honour and truth,
To wear Joseph’s lily in bright blameless youth,
And e’en to old age may her lessons remain,
To live our lives bravely and die without stain

Let our voices ring out o’er the doon’s verdant vale,
In a jubilant shout, as we tell the proud tale
Of the name and the fame of the best school of all,
Of our dear Alma Mater and answer her call,

So Academicians in work and in play,
You’ll swiftly and happily pass each glad day,
Of the years bright and brief that will end all too soon
In St. Joseph’s the pearl of the vale of the Doon.