To showcase the abundance of talent in the Junior School a cultural day was organised in the School Auditorium on the 15th of May 2014.The programme commenced with a welcome prayer dance followed by class performances ranging from the icons of India to the Pied Piper of Hamelin to the concern over the environment.

   Provision was also made to cater to and encourage the budding singers, dancers and music composers through solo performances. The vibrant and innovative costumes of the participants stumped the audience while the sheer talent of the children took everyone’s break away.

   The principal Rev. Brother Dennis, the vice principle Rev. Brother Xavier J. Thonipara and the Junior School coordinator Mrs. S. Hasan appreciated the effort put into the programme by all the concerned parties and the day ended on a happy note with a job well done.

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Investiture Ceremony (Middle & Sr. School) 2014-15

On the 3rd of May, 2014, the entire SJA family congregated in the school Auditorium to witness the most solemn affair of the year- the Investiture Ceremonies for the Middle and the Senior School Student Councils for the year 2014-15. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Major General Kunwar Digvijay Singh, Army General Officer, Uttarakhand, and Mrs. Tripti Kunwar.

The programme started with a prayer and the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Chief Guest. This was followed by a graceful and beauteous prayer dance to invoke the blessings of the Almighty.

A PowerPoint presentation on ‘Leadership’ followed this. Next in line was a presentation depicting SJA’s Role of Honour through the years- Josephites who have proven to be great leaders in their lives and left a trail for others to follow.

It is said that ‘A leader knows the way, shows the way and goes the way’. It was in this spirit that the Middle School Council members marched up to the stage to take the oath of duty and responsibility towards their school.

The choir then sang ‘Reach For the Stars’, inspiring the audience.

What followed was the most awaited event of the day- the Investiture Ceremony for the Senior School Council. The Council members, marching smartly up the aisle in time with the drumbeats, filled the onlookers’ hearts with joy and admiration. They were administered the oath of honesty and sincerity towards the school by the Principal, Rev. Bro. Dennis Joseph. Then the Chief Guest, the Principal, the respective House Moderators and the Co-ordinators pinned the badges onto the newly-appointed office-bearers.

Thereafter, the Chief Guest gave an eloquent speech, reminicsing his days as a student in St. Joseph’s. He said that the tradition of electing the school Council started in 1970, and since then, had been instilling zeal and fervour in the students’ hearts. Lastly, the Principal offered the vote of thanks, wherein he also related an incident from the life of Alexander the Great, highlighting the qualities of a true leader.

The programme ended on a high note, with everyone joining in to sing the school song- a proud and awe-inspiring moment for every Josephite.

To stand on the Auditorium stage and take the oath of office is not success in itself, but the first step to it. As Ben Parker said, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’. This is the adage that should forever inspire the newly elected Council, and encourage them to achieve greater heights

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Labour Day Celeberation

The spirit of joie de vivre pervaded in every nook and corner of St Joseph’s Academy
on 1′st May, 14 when the school organised a combined function to celebrate St Joseph’s Day and Labour Day.Labour Day  commonly known as ‘May Day’ is celebrated in the memory of Saint Joseph-a humble carpenter yet a shining example of an exemplary worker. The programme commenced with a short prayer followed by a prayer dance. Thereafter the choir mesmerised the audience  with a mellifluous song coupled with a power point presentation that received accolades from the audience. The students also presented a skit depicting the life and mission of Saint Joseph. The programme continued with the melodious and meaningful song “I am alive “sung by Devika Dhondiyal, Shubangi Singh and Yovna Rai,  the nightingales of S.J.A.Keeping  in mind the school motto”Laborare Est Orare”the students enacted a meaningful Hindi skit illustrating the value of manual labour .Thereafter the committed service  of the ancillary staff was acknowledged and praised through different songs sung by the choir and a power point presentation which included a special tribute to late Mr. Anil Bhatt,  a very diligent ancillary staff whose demise would remain an irreparable loss to the school.The ceremony came to a close with the distribution of gifts to the support staff by Rev.Brother Sebastian -Superior of St Joseph Academy, Bro. Vavier Thoniparra,  Dr. Daljeet kaur – Principal Patrician College of Education and the Principal- Rev.Brother Dennis. Speaking on the occasion, Rev.Brother Sebastian also brought out the importance of the day .
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Investiture Ceremony Junior School

The Investiture Ceremony for the Junior School was held on the 30th of April 2014 in the School Auditorium. Mrs. Radhika Jha the Director General Education for the State of Uttarakhand, Additional Secretary School Education and Higher Education graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The function commenced with a short prayer by the co-coordinator, Mrs. S. Hasan and the lighting of the lamp. This was followed by the ‘Swarswati Vandana.’ The peppy and zestful chick dance by the students of class I enthralled the audience while the melodious rendering of ‘Bind us together’ by the School choir soothed the gathering. The Chief Guest in her address congratulated the young council member and said that each child has immense potential and it is the responsibilities vested on them and education, which helps the students to realize and achieve their goals. She hoped that they would carry out the duties vested on them with dedication.

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With the idea of providing a platform to ingenious young minds to showcase their innate inventive abilities, an Art and Craft and Class project Exhibition was organized in St. Joseph’s Academy School auditorium by the Junior Josephites of classes L.K.G to V.

The Exhibition was a sight to behold with colourful and innovative crafts on display. Made from waste by children as young as four years old the craft work and models were a visual delight. The sheer genius of the children was enough to put the visitor in awe and even took some be surprise. Each class focused on a particular on a topic ranging from Class I’s Means of Transport, Class II’s Save the Environment and Class III’s Electric World. Class IV chose to enlighten the visitors with the Benefits and Types of Plants, while Class V emphasized on the need of the hour which is Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Children were well versed with the topics of their class projects and had some amazing facts and tips to share with the visitors.

Inaugurated by Sister Gracy (Principal of Convent of Jesus & Mary) along with Rev. Brother A.J. George, the exhibition was much liked and appreciated by the people who visited it. “The exhibition was very pleasing to the eye” was what the chief guest had to say about the display.

The Principal Rev. Bro. A .J .George was seen interacting actively with the participants and encouraging them. In her message, Mrs. S. Hasan, the Jr. School Coordinator spoke about how such events encourage and stimulate curious young minds and provide a forum to showcase their creativity.

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Founder’s Day Celeberation

The Congregation of  Patrician Brothers is  known and honoured worldwide for actively working for the upliftmenr of the masses.As per the tradition the Josephites assembled in the school auditorium on the morning of 3rd February 2014 to celebrate the 206th Anniverary of the Foundation Day of the Patrician Brothers.The programme commenced with a special prayer offered for the pioneers of St. Joseph’s Academy and for the present torch bearers to strive forth with greater dedication and hard work .It was followed by a soothing prayer dance presented by the girls of class 7.

A tableau presented by the students of class 8 depicted how and under what circumstances Father Daniel Delaney had founded the Patrician Brothers’ Society  with the religious,  moral and literary education of children in mind .The event proceeded with the mellifluous singing of  ‘ Breastplate of St. Patrick’ and  ‘Hail Glorious St. Patrick’by the school choir.Speehes delivered by the students highlighted the philanthropic deeds of the Patrician Brothers who came together for the first time on February 2 , 1808 devoting their lives for the instruction of the laity- both juvenile and adults.
Next in line was the exhilarating and foot tapping Salsa dance performed by the girls of class 7.Lastly the Principal, Rev. Bro. George in his addressal elucidated Bishop Delaney’s efforts  to foster an educated generation .Releasing the 9th edition of the school news letter, Epistle on the occasion , he congratulated the Editorial Board for doing a commendable job.

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65th Republic Day Celeberation

The freezing morning of 26th January simply failed to dampen the festive mood with which the students and the staff of SJA as well as Patrician College of Education gathered to celebrate the 65th Republic Day. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Dr. Daljeet Kaur, Principal, Patrician College of Education. The function commenced with the unfurling of the national flag by the esteemed Chief Guest and the Principal, Rev. Bro. George. Thereafter, Manvi kumar of class 6 led the gathering in prayer followed by a well choreographed prayer dance .The tableau presented by the students of class 6 reminded the students of the travails of our freedom fighters whose altruistic life brought us hard earned freedom. The speech by Raghav Anand highlighted the value of our precious liberty .The soul-stirring patriotic songs like ‘Sare Jahan Se Achha’ and ‘Vande Mataram’ reverberating in the school premises filled each one present with patriotic fervour. The foot-tapping dance performance on the song ‘Jagao Mera Des’ was enjoyed by one and all. The Chief Guest, while addressing the gathering, underlined the fact that our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to overthrow the British and now the youth of the country is making the nation prosperous. Lastly, Bro George in his address stressed that even today we are being subjugated by a number of orthodox beliefs getting rid of which only will enable us to attain freedom in the true sense. The function ended with the distribution of chocolates among the children. Present on the occasion were Bro. Sebastian, Director , Patrician College Of Education and the Vice-Principal Bro. Dennis.

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Combined Christmas Celebration at SJA

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Christmas Celebrations at SJA

Christmas Celebrations at SJA


Christmas brings gaiety in the minds of the children .Celebrating this spirit of Christmas St. Joseph’s Academy held a Christmas programme in the school auditorium on 20th of December.

The revelling began with the junior school tiny toddlers mesmerising the audience with their well choreographed steps of `Angel Dance’. Next was The ‘Nativity play’ depicting the life of Christ. The actors charmed the audience with great portrayal of events surrounding Jesus.

The festivity of Christmas didn’t stop but continued when the Garima Lal, of Class IX  led us in the Prayer .The school auditorium reverberated  with the enticing tunes of ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Joy to the World’ sung by the senior school choir. The ‘Nativity Play’ presented by the students of Class IX literally transported the audience to Bethlehem to witness the birth of Jesus and his miracle working power. The wonderful light and sound effect added charm to the show and transformed the stage into a fairy land. Vivacious dance performances by the junior and senior school students also added to the zest to the function. When Santa Claus entered the auditorium he was welcomed by the enthusiastic students. He spread mirth and distributed toffees making the atmosphere celebratory.

Bro. George appreciated the participants and complimented them for putting up such a marvellous show. He said “Jesus was born in this world to spread the message of unconditional love and forgiveness.’ The function ended with everyone swaying to the tune of’ `Feliz Navidad’, present on the occasion were Bro. Sebastian and Bro.Dennis.

 This event could not have been a grand success without the diligent work put in by Ms.S.Hassan, Ms.K.Singh, Ms.P.Soloman, Ms.G.David , Ms.R.Bison,  Mr.S.Das,Mr.S.Dogra Mr.P.Bhandari and Mr.D.Nautiyal. The event was compered by Ojaswita Negi, Garima Lal, Tanushree Thapa, and Shubhangi Agarwal.

In the morning assembly Bro.George gave a memento to Mr Shamsher.S.Thakur, an auxiliary staff member and appreciated his service and honesty towards work. He retired after working for 18 years in the school.

On 18th December the class 11th students of our school organised a farewell party for the Class 12th students. It was a grand event where the students danced to the rhythmic tunes of the D.J. During the event some of the students showcased their talents which won them laurels and appreciation. Some of the awardees are:

Rock Star- Yashasvi Juyal

Prince Charming- Prashant Pawa

Miss Elegant- – Aanchal Singhari

Rock of the Day- Karan Dodi                           Dancing Queen-Shruti Narang

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It was a bright, sunny, an ideal day for the event like Sports Day and SJA  organised it on 16th November with a lot of fanfare. The event showcased the immense sporting talent of the athletes and their endurance level.

The event commenced with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Mr. Dinesh  Agarwal, Honourable Minister for Planning, Youth Welfare, Sports and I.T.

The first event was the Relay of Olympic Torch run by leading athletes of all the houses, followed by the Flag hoisting by the Chief Guest.

The Vice Principal Bro. J. Dennis administered the oath to all the athletes. After which the meet was declared open by the Honourable Minister.

The track and field events included a number of standard races like 80 mtrs, 100 mtrs, 200 mtrs and races in different categories. These races witnessed loud cheering from the spectators who egged respective athletes of their houses.

The junior section of our school organised a number of rib tickling fun races like clown race, tunnel race Hippty Hop etc. saw the tiny toddlers  scuttling along the tracks.

In a benevolent gesture towards the underprivileged children the school organised a number of races like Jalebi race, Lemon race, Banana race etc. This was done to motivate and hone the skills of these athletes. The participating schools included Unnyan Shiksha Kendra , Akil Bhartiya Mahila Ashram and Bal Bhawan .

Dressed in dazzling white uniforms the students of Class IV and V mesmerised the audience with a well synchronised P.T Display.

After a few events we came to the end of the morning session where the Chief Guest gave a speech, applauding the school’s spectacular performance in all spheres and said” SJA is a true temple of education as it aims at the all round development of its students who not only make a mark in academics but also add feathers in the school cap by winning laurels in co-curricular activities including sports.”

The proceeding of the events held in the afternoon were graced by the presence of Mr S.Raju Senior I.A.S officer who is the Principal Secretary Education in the Uttarakhand Government.

 In the afternoon session the most awaited event of the day the cycling race was held which created ripples in the audience.  In a tough competition Yash Chaurasia of Bergin house, Siddharth Dangwal  of Duffy house and Hakkam Singh of  Donovan emerged first ,second and third respectively.

This was followed by an immaculate march past by all the students where all the students marched on the well orchestrated beats of the school band leaving the audience spellbound.

The Best Athletes of the school were awarded by Mr. S.Raju  .The names of the awardees are:

1.       Sub Junior Boys Praveen Kumar Duffy House

2.       Sub Junior Girls Prerna Dobhal  Donovan House

3.       Junior Boys Malay Gatherwan Donovan House

4.       Junior Girls Srishti Rawat  Dooley House

5.       Senior Boys  Devanshu Dobhal Bergin House

6.       Senior girls Nandini Raj Dooley House

  After this Doonvan and Duffy house were declared The Best Marching House and the spectacular performance by Donovan house won them the Principal’s Cup.

Few moments later Bro. A.J. George proposed a vote of thanks in which he appreciated the students as well as the teachers for making the Sports Day a truly grand event. Finally the flag was lowered and the Chief Guest declared the Sports Day closed. The event concluded with the singing of the school song.

This event could not be a grand success without the diligent work put in by the school PTI’S Mr. D .Bhandari, Mr. V.S.Rautela, Mrs. A.Mamgain and Mrs. S. Bajwa. The commentators of the event were Mrs.Sheetal Negi and   Mrs.A. Dobhal.

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