J.L.D’Souza Memorial Interschool Debate 2015

On 9th September the Josephites assembled to witness the J.L.D’Souza Memorial Interschool Debate. A dedicated teacher, Mr.D’Souza was a pioneering educationist and one of the finest teachers to have ever been a part of the SJA family . Rev. Bro. Muldowney was the Chief Guest. The event was also graced by Bro. Rajesh, Bro. Joseph, Mrs. Monica D’Souza, Mrs. Ruth Isaac and Mrs. Ince. The esteemed judges for this debate were Mrs.V.Kalia, Mrs.Nadira Ahmed and Mrs.Pandhi. This year the event saw various schools from all across Uttarakhand engaging in the fiery battle of words, wits and wisdom. The format for this debate was extempore and the speakers were given one hour for preparation. The thought-provoking topic, which has utmost relevance in today’s modern scenario, was ‘Despite tall claims, women’s condition in India has not improved’. The participating schools were Welham Boys’ School, The Asian School, RIMC, St. George’s College, Welham Girls’ School, CJM, St. Thomas’ College etc.SJA took part in the debate, but did not compete for individual or team prizes. To maintain anonymity, the schools were given pseudonyms of eminent poets. The eloquent orators passionately argued ‘for’ and ‘against’ the motion. While some averred that despite modern advancements, women are still relegated, the others cited examples of female success stories from across the country. The gruelling session of arguments ranged from the strength of women in the Parliament, to the Sati practices in ancient India. In the end, as the speakers waited with bated breaths , the results were finally declared. Best Speaker- Shivang Uniyal (The Asian School) First Runners Up- Anahita Sahu (Welham Girls’ School) Second Runners Up- Siddhartha Bedi (The Asian School) Best Rebuttal- Shivang Uniyal (The Asian School), Cadet Vickrant Raj (RIMC) Best Team- The Asian School

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