Duffy House Emerges as the Winner in the Annual Sports Day

St.Joseph’s Academy organized the Annual Sports Day on 3rd November,2017 .The event began with Chief Guest Bro.Babu Varghese being given the guard of honour. Vice Principal Bro.Binoy hoisted the flag. Immediately after this there was the relay of the torch and the sports flame was lit.

The athletes took an oath after this to participate in this event in the true sportsmanship spirit and compete with full sincerity. Bro.Binoy declared the Sports Meet open.
The first event to be organized was the 100 meters of various categories Sub Junior, Junior, Senior Boys and Girls Races where athletes competed with lot of vigour and passion. The winners are Mohammad Zaid of Bergin house,Riti Rawat of Duffy House, Anvarat Bisht of Donovan House, Ragnvi Bisht of Donovan House, Abhinav Kujur of Dooley house and Shubhangi Kumar of Donovan house .

The PT.Drill of class IV & V where the tiny tots mesmerized the audience with their immaculate synchronization.The Fun Races of Class Ito V the junior participated enthusiastically and showed their talents on the field. Fun Races of LKG & UKG brought a smile on everyone’s faces as these children really entertained the audience with their passion for running. The competition level among the houses increased and so did the intensity as the 200 meters brought out the best in all the houses. The Winners were Mohammad Zaid of Bergin house,Tanisha Chauhan of Dooley House ,Abhinav Negi of Duffy House,Anna Jessica of Dooley house ,Abhigyan Bhasin of Duffy House and Shubhangi Kumar of Donovan House.In the 4X100 mtr. relays increased the competition to another level and Duffy and Dooley won most of the relays.

The penultimate event of the day was the 5000 meters Cycle Race the most awaited race of the event. The cyclists dazzled us with their stamina and devotion. Gary Lu of Bergin house won this event.This was followed by a march past where all the houses marched well and captivated the audience withtheir beautifully orchestrated marching and the school band playing .

Shubhangi Kumar was awarded the Best Athlete Award for Girls and Abhinav Kujur was awarded the Best Athlete for boys.Donovan House came first in the marching and Bergin house came second .
Duffy House lifted the sports Trophy and Dooley house came second. Bro.Babu Varghese motivated the students to come out of their comfort zone and participate in events like these to improve their sporting skills. Bro.Binoy thanked the sports Department for organizing such a spectacular event. The Flag was lowered to mark the end of Sports day. Bro.Binoy ended the Sports day. The programme concluded with the School Song.