Annual Marathon 2016

The marathon traces its  origin to 490 B. C. when following the victory of the Greeks in the battle of Marathon , Phiedipppides ran a staggering  distance of 240 kilometers to Athens to announce this news to the people. Every year , Josephites try to emulate this great feat (although, over a much shorter distance ) , by taking an active part in the school marathon.
On October 15, 2016, shortly after the crack of dawn, hundreds  of Josephites,  clad in yellow, red, blue and white  t-shirts gathered on the big field yet again to face a gruelling  test of endurance – the ‘short’ marathon.  The check points  in the various categories  were- Hotel Madhuban  (Sub-Junior Girls),Silver City (Sub-Junior Boys and  Junior Girls),NIVH (Senior Girls and Junior Boys), and ending of  Bodyguard boundary (Senior Boys). As the Principal Bro. Dennis flagged off the race, the spirited students shot off like bullets- each one wanting to get ahead of the other.
As enthusiastic as the start was, there was an evident slowing down as the race progressed with only a few exhibiting their will power and stamina by reaching the finishing line before the others had even traversed half way through ! The good thing was that all did manage to complete the run though it was a rather challenging task for most .
After the harrowing reality -check on their fitness levels , the winners were as follows:
Senior Boys –
1 Manan Dalip  (Bergin House)
2 Tenzing Chhoyzang (Dooley House)
3 Aditya Chauhan  (Donovan House)
Senior Girls –
1Ayushi Bisht (Duffy House)
2 Agrata  Jaiswal (Duffy House)
3 Unnati Rawat (Duffy House)
Junior Boys
1Rojal Sapkota (BerginHouse)
2 Atulya J. Singh (Dooley House)
3 Krishlaya Dang (Donovan House)
Junior Girls
1 Vanshika Anand (Duffy House)
2 Tanishqua Tomar (Duffy House)
3 Sanjam Kaur  Bedi (Duffy House)
Sub – Junior Boys
1Dhruv Negi (Bergin House)
2Prithvi Raj (Donovan House)
3 Aryaman Rai (Dooley House)
Sub – Junior Girls
1 Nehal (Duffy House)
2 Malvina  Bhatt (Dooley House)
3 Niyati Kukreti (Donovan House)
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