Games & Sports

The School pays special attention to physical training, sports and athletics for the all round development of the student. The school boasts of huge playgrounds which are used by students to play football, cricket and also for athletics. Apart from this, students are given coaching for Throw Ball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball and Gymnastics. Shooting is yet another sport which has always interested SJA students enabling them to participate at National and International levels. Shooting competitions have taken our students to faraway places such as Singapore where they have competed with children from countries such as America, Australia and England to name a few. Not only have they participated but have also succeeded in winning laurels for the school

The school has newly constructed clay courts for students with a penchant for lawn tennis. Basketball courts in the school enable the students to be good at the game and prepare themselves for various inter-house and inter-school competitions. Trained staff guide the students not only during school hours but also in the afternoons. Hence it is not surprising that the teams of SJA offer stiff competition to the other schools.

Extra Curricular Activities

The school is aware of the fact that each child has some hidden potential, apart from academics, which needs to be tapped. For this prime reason, many activities such as Debates, Quiz, Maths and Science clubs, Art & Craft, Pottery, Skating, Western and Folk Dance, Singing, Aerobics, Dramatics, Photography, Yoga etc. have been included in the curriculum. Specially trained teachers take up the activities and help students realize their inner capabilities as well as help them to think beyond academics.

For Extra Curricular Activities all the students are divided into various clubs. These ECA clubs are organized on alternate Saturdays. These activities provide a platform for the Josephites to express their ideas and talent.

Social Work

In order to inculcate in the students a sense of ‘other centredness’ social work has always been an integral part of the curriculum. Whenever needed, the Josephites have risen to the occasion, always ready to give. SJA makes special efforts to improve the lives of those not only within but also beyond its walls. The school has adopted a few underprivileged children and provides free education to them, giving them the best of facilities.

The students regularly visit Homes for the aged, Orphanages, Homes for the Destitute Women and Homes for special children to spend time with them and lend a helping hand in whatever way they can. In return what SJA gets is beyond measure – genuine smiles and blessings which has helped us to move from strength to strength. St Joseph’s Academy has been able to enrich the lives of many students and has taught them to break barriers with their ‘can do’ spirit and resilience.

It is a school where culture and traditions are imbued along with high standards of academics and sports, thus touching the pinnacle of success. It can be rightly said that the confidence, creativity and strong moral character that each parent envisions for his child is fostered in St. Joseph’s Academy.

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