1. Promotion to the next class depends on the whole year’s work, regular attendance, overall development and ability to cope with the next step in the student’s education.
  2. Evaluation of the academic performance will be based on the tests and examinations conducted and the assignments allotted from time to time. Pass mark is 40% and a pass in English and Mathematics is compulsory for promotion to the next class.
  3. While 1st term answer sheets are shown to the students 2nd term answer sheets are not shown to the students before issuance of results. However those who want to get the answer sheets rechecked can do so by paying the special fees prescribed by the School.


  1. Application for transfer certificate must be given in writing in the prescribed form by the parents. A clear Month’s notice of withdrawal must be given. Normally, transfer Certificate is sent to the parent by registered post after one month. In the event of the withdrawal of a student from the School, all dues must be cleared before the Transfer certificate is issued.
  2. The application for transfer certificate and refund of security deposit will be entertained only within a period of 6 months from the date of absence from the school and not later.
  3. A sum of Rs 50/- will be charged for the Transfer Certificate.
  4. If the Transfer Certificate is urgently required due to unavoidable circumstances, it may be issued on payment of an additional amount of Rs 250/-.
  5. If a student is withdrawn before completing a full academic year, fee for the remaining part of the year has to be paid.
  6. If the student is migrating for further studies to a state other than Uttarakhand his/her Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the Inspector of Anglo-Indian Schools/ Chief Executive & Secretary of ICSE Board, and the parents must pay the postage for this transaction.
  7. All the Rules and Regulations that are in force are binding upon the pupils and parents. Ignorance of the current rules and regulations will not be an excuse for lack of compliance. The current rules and regulations are given below and some relevant extracts thereof are published in the School Diary.


  1. School staircaseThe School Management reserves to itself the right to dismiss students who continuously fail to make satisfactory progress in their studies, or whose conduct is, in any way, detrimental to the orderly life of the School.
  2. Those students failing twice in the same class, or failing twice in the three consecutive years, will not be allowed to continue in the School.
  3. Use or attempting to use unfair means in exams, tests and assignments are sufficient cause for dismissal.
  4. Smoking, bringing & consuming alcohol or narcotic drugs, disrespect towards staff, bad moral influence, contempt of authority and wilful damage to school property will lead to the dismissal of the student from the school.
  5. If fees fall in arrears for more than two months from the scheduled date, the student’s name will be removed from the school rolls.
  6. School Building overviewStudents who indulge in political propaganda, or who organize fellow students in political factions on the premises of the school, or who otherwise engage themselves in party politics, are liable to be expelled from the school.
  7. Students entering into matrimony while studying in this school will have to leave the school.
  8. The wards of those parents / guardians who obstruct the smooth functioning and vitiate the academic atmosphere of the school through their acts of omissions and commissions shall be liable to be dismissed from the school.

Note: Yellow card is a serious official warning to the offender and his/her parents. Two yellow cards will warrant to one RED CARD. One who gets the red card will be dismissed from the school. One who gets a yellow card is not eligible for any important position in the school. Parents are expected to meet the Principal as soon as they receive a yellow card.

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